NEET Row Possibly Fanned by Coaching Centres with Profits Hit due to Reduced Syllabus, Easy Exam

Jun 14, 2024 - 13:45
NEET Row Possibly Fanned by Coaching Centres with Profits Hit due to Reduced Syllabus, Easy Exam

 Sources in the government are pointing towards the NEET (UG)-2024 row been fanned by coaching institutes that stand to lose due to reduced syllabus and easier question papers this time, claiming coaching Institutions whose students performed poorly this time are at the forefront of the uproar.

The Centre told the Supreme Court on Thursday that it has decided to withdraw the grace marks given to 1,563 candidates who will now have the option of appearing in a retest being conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA). The counselling process has not been stayed by the Supreme Court. Government sources, however, say certain coaching institutions are whipping up doubts over the entire examination, though there is no evidence of a paper leak.

Sources said coaching institutions whose pupils performed poorly in the NEET (UG)-2024 examination have lost face among their student groups despite the exam being relatively easy, and are at the forefront of the protests. They also claimed that other coaching institutions are keeping quiet. This time, the NEET (UG) exam saw a reduced syllabus by almost 15%, there was an increased number of applicants at about 23.3 lakh, and the question paper was relatively easier.

Tthe real losers with an easy question paper and reduced syllabus are the coaching institutes that thrive on the complexity and breadth of the syllabus, as students then seek their services. A simpler curriculum as in the case of NEET (UG)- 2024 hits the coaching institutes as fewer students feel the need for extensive coaching, government sources said. The cut-offs this year were higher as 20 extra minutes were allotted to complete the exam.

Sources said that with a smaller syllabus, students could complete their studies well in time, allowing ample time for thorough revision and this led to better performance and higher scores. There is also no upper age limit for appearing in the examination coupled with unlimited attempts, resulting in higher scores in subsequent attempts by experienced candidates. A difficult question paper benefits the coaching industry but rural students who cannot avail of expensive coaching won’t be able to compete in such a scenario, said by the sources.

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